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Barangay and SK Elections

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Once again, barangay and SK elections are just around the corner. Here in our paradise Philippines, candidates for election are really eager to campaign themselves on their jurisdictions. Stickers, posters, fliers, and pamphlets are everywhere. If you’re lucky, and one candidate on your barangay has a budget for his campaign, he’ll give away good stuff such as t-shirts, vests, calendars, or anything that has a purpose or can be use even if the elections are already done. Of course, you have to expect their faces and names on that stuff.

As a simple citizen in our paradise Philippines, we think of this barangay elections as just an ordinary day. Oftentimes, some people tend to not to vote and just go to work even if it is already declared as a holiday. They would rather choose a double pay than voting their ideal barangay officials. ‘It’s no use. Paradise Philippines will still be the same and will never experience any economic growth even if I vote for my ideal officials’. That will probably be the response you’ll get if you plan to ask someone who’ll not be voting on Monday (October 29, 2007). Partly true but there’s no harm if we’ll practice the positive thinking attitude. Paradise Philippines have been suffering from corrupt officials for the last (God knows how long) several years but that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for our beloved country: Paradise Philippines. We have so many wonderful things around us and it’s up to us how we will maximize it.

Anyway, back to the topic, I’m here to help those people who still believe that Barangay election is something to look forward to. Let us educate each other for this upcoming event so that our votes will not go to waste.

Here are some of the pointers everyone could use for the upcoming paradise Philippines’ barangay elections:

  1. 1. Know the vacancy. When I say vacancy, I’m pertaining to the vacant positions that the candidates are running for. Do you know what positions to vote? Do you know how many kagawads you have to vote for? Do you how many years will your elected chairman serve your barangay? These are the type of questions you should know before choosing your ideal officials.

    Candidates for the barangay election are only given 15 days as their campaigning period. That means, that’s the only time they’re allowed to shake hands, to wave, give pamphlets, fliers, banners, and other things to the people. The time before and after that is a ‘no campaign period’ for everyone.

    You will be electing one chairman and five kagawads. These elected candidates will be your barangay officials for the next six years and/or until the next elected officials have been qualified. They can only serve for three consecutive terms, after which, they can either run for another position or not run at all. The barangay secretary and treasurer are appointed by the chairman therefore, you need not to vote anyone for these two positions.

  2. 2. Who are the candidates? Prepare a major list of the candidates in your barangay. It will be very helpful because we know for a fact that it’s hard to remember all of the names of the candidates and the positions they’re running for.

  3. 3. Candidates’ Background. It’s not enough to know the names of the candidates on your barangay. You should also know, and it’s a must, that you know at least a little bit of their background. How old are they? Is this the first time they’re running? Do they have a family? Where do they live? What’s their platform? Those are some of the questions you need to know about your barangay’s candidates.

  4. 4. Make you final list. Now you have gathered all the needed information about them, this is the best time to reflect and to think who deserves to be your barangay officials. Their background and what they have done will most likely give you the idea of what they can do for your barangay. Make you final list so that when its time to go to your voting precinct, you will just copy the list of your ideal candidates causing a little time spent.

Let’s bring back our paradise Philippines to its successful and stable economy. We can sweep all the corrupt officials in our country just by choosing the right officials. And we can start by electing the good candidates for our barangay. Let’s exercise our right to vote. Paradise Philippines is counting on all of us: her countrymen


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