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Cebu City Tour

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Paradise Philippines now presents tips and list of location you might want to visit while staying in Cebu.

Cebu is a small province all the way down to the south. It is considered as the queen city of the Visayas region, and it celebrates Sinulog festival every January. It is only an hour and a half flight away from Manila and you can go there anytime IF you have the means of doing it.

Cebu has many wonderful places to offer. When I came to Cebu, I didn't waste my time doing nothing. I booked a city tour trip and in a span five hours, I already visited eight beautiful locations in Mactan and Lapu Lapu City. If you decided to visit Cebu, don't forget to check out these places:

Paradise Philippines - Mactan Shrine - Cebu, PhilippinesParadise Philippines - Mactan Shrine - Cebu, PhilippinesParadise Philippines - Mactan Shrine - Cebu, Philippines

Mactan Shrine is also known as 'Lapu Lapu Shrine'. It was built in honor of Lapu-lapu for being brave in defeating the Spanish soldiers, including the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the year 1521. It is located in Punta Engaño, Mactan Island.

You will find a 20-meter bronze statue of Lapu lapu on this site. You will also see the exact place where Ferdinand Magellan died and a painting that shows how Lapu lapu defeated Magellan. Few steps away from the Lapu lapu shrine will lead you into a showcase of colorful boats.


Paradise Philippines - Philippine Taoist Temple - Cebu, PhilippinesParadise Philippines - Philippine Taoist Temple - Cebu, PhilippinesParadise Philippines - Philippine Taoist Temple - Cebu, PhilippinesParadise Philippines - Philippine Taoist Temple - Cebu, Philippines

Philippine Taoist Temple is located in Beverly hills subdivision. This temple was built by Cebu's Chinese community in the year 1972. This temple is open to worshipers and travelers that just want to check out the place.

There are many 'prayer rooms' in the Philippine Taoist Temple. However, you are not allowed to take pictures of the prayer rooms to show respect to the Taoist community. You can take pictures though outside. You can really feel how solemn it is in that place and the aroma of the incense is very strong.

A word of advice: if you wish to go in here, the preferred clothes to wear is jeans, t-shirt, or anything that looks decent. You have to remember that the Philippine Taoist Temple is a place of worship so we have to respect it. Also, a rubber shoes would help your feet not to get hurt as you will climb lots of stairs in here.


Paradise Philippines - Magellan's Cross - Cebu, PhilippinesMagellan's Cross is located very near the Sto. Niño Shrine. It is a Christian cross embedded by the Portugese and Spaniards as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan on April 21, 1521.

There are lots of old women standing outside the Magellan's Cross that are very eager to do sales talk to tourists saying that they can pray for your petitions and all they ask is some little amount of money. I didn't fall for those so I can't really tell something about it.

Nothing really special Magellan's Cross. It's just that since it's included in the Philippine history, you might as well visit the place. Beware though... since this is a crowded place, you have to look after your belongings especially your phones and cameras. Our tour guide told us that there are snatchers wandering around and people who also mastered the term 'salisi'.


Sto. Niño Shrine is just steps aways from the Magellan's Cross. I'm proud to say that they have their own website. You can visit it at Not all churches can provide their own website so it's a plus factor for Sto. Niño Shrine to have one because it'll be very helpful for tourist and researchers.

Sto. Niño Shrine was formerly known as San Agustin Church. It is the exact same place where the image of the Sto. Niño was found in the year 1565.

Outside the church, you will see a place where you can light your own candle and pray to God. I did lit two candles and asked God for a safe and wonderful trip in Cebu.


Paradise Philippines - Fort San Pedro - Cebu, PhilippinesFort San Pedro was built in the year 1738 as commanded by Miguel López de Legazpi. It is triangular in shape with two sides facing the sea, and the third side facing the land. By this time, it is not surrounded by water anymore but is considered as a historical park under the government of Cebu.

You need to pay an entrance fee amounting to 21 pesos per person. Also, it is best to come to this place on the afternoon or it the weather is not very hot so you can enjoy the scenery and maybe spend lots of time inside Fort San Pedro.


Casa Gorordo Museum is a home of the first Filipino Bishop in Cebu - Juan Gorordo (1862-1934). A tour inside this residence is a brief journey into a Filipino lifestyle in a particular period between 1860 to 1920. The place presently features noted paintings, museum relics, a courtyard, antique household items and furniture.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to go inside the Casa Gorordo Museum because I was expecting to see uninteresting things. But when I made my way on the second floor, I was so amazed because they managed to keep the original form of the furnitures and items. It was like traveling through time and I was imagining myself on the 18th century. The chairs, tables, cabinets, even the beds are well kept. I was also able to take a peek on how the restrooms look like on the 18th century. It is interesting enough that their toilet bowls are all made up of wood.

Casa Gorordo Museum is located in 35 Lopez Jaena Street on the city proper. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10a.m till 6p.m. They are closed every Monday except when prior arrangements have been made. For inquiries, you can call them at (032) 2555630.


Paradise Philippines - Parian Movement - Cebu, Philippines

Parian Monument is also commonly known as Heritage of Cebu Monument. It is made up of brass, steel, and bronze tableau that took almost five years to be completed. It is located at the Parian district specifically at the former plaza across the Parian Fire Station. There's nothing much to say about the Parian Monument. But one thing we have to remember: Parian Monument signifies historic events in Cebu.


Paradise Philippines - SM City Cebu

SM Cebu is the best last place to visit after a long day of Cebu city tour. You can find amazing restaurants in here to eat your lunch, meryenda, and dinner. There are also lost of coffee shops such as starbucks, figaro, and coffee bean to chill out, relax, and to hang out with your friends and family.


Touring Cebu can be both exciting and educational. It is safe to say that Cebu is one of the majestic and a 'must visit' city in Paradise Philippines. And if you wish to have a magnificent city tour in Cebu, I recommend that you contact rainbow car and services. I booked them for my Cebu city trip and I'm very pleased on how my tour turned out. Aimee is very friendly and is easy to talk to. She gave me a very courteous driver/tour guide, and his name is Joel. If you wish to have a memorable Cebu tour, request for Kuya Joel as your tour guide/driver and you'll never be sorry.

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